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Welcome to Volunteer Testimonial Page

Meet Bukola - Usher

The Glory Conference (TGC) 2023 stood out as one of the most remarkable events of 2023 for me, owing to various reasons. Throughout the conference, I served in the Ushering department alongside many like-minded believers. Collaborating with everyone and working in tandem with other departments for the overall success of TGC was a deeply fulfilling experience.

Essentially, my role revolved around maintaining order in the house of the Lord. This encompassed welcoming people into the auditorium and providing suitable seating based on their needs and conditions. 

The Ushering department plays a pivotal role as the first point of contact for everyone attending. My efforts, along with those of my co-labourers, aimed at not only maintaining order but also attending to the diverse needs of every attendee. This involved providing directions, assisting with lifting items, answering questions, and more. 

Additional responsibilities included ensuring the orderly collection of offerings in the expansive auditorium, with a strong emphasis on timeliness. However, a particularly significant responsibility emerged during ministrations when there was a powerful move of the spirit. Our core responsibility at times like this was to ensure the safety of all those under the anointing, preventing any injuries. Collaboratively, we worked to guarantee a safe and enjoyable conference experience for everyone.

Every moment of serving during The Glory Conference brought me joy. The opportunity to assist people on a larger scale was both thrilling and satisfying. Meeting the needs of God’s people from the very beginning filled my heart with joy. Furthermore, it provided a platform for learning from fellow members of the ushering department. Our shared times of prayer as a department were particularly impactful and life-changing. Connecting with people—both regular attendees and volunteers—was great. Yet, what I cherished the most was the opportunity to serve God first and foremost, along with the people attending. There is no greater joy than witnessing the joy of others. Each time I addressed someone’s needs and ensured they had a meaningful time in the presence of the Lord, my sense of joy and satisfaction deepened.

To anyone contemplating volunteering as an usher for TGC 2024, I strongly encourage you not to second-guess it. The benefits of serving God and His people are numerous, some of which may not be immediately visible as they work internally and are eternal (2 Corinthians 4:18). Nevertheless, tangible benefits include forming lifelong connections, acquiring new knowledge, and impacting lives by meeting needs and ensuring that everyone leaves the presence of God without any misconceptions. Serving as an usher makes a significant difference—a difference that cannot be overstated. You play a pivotal role in the conference’s success and in shaping the experience of all attendees. Therefore, to anyone considering it, take that bold step because you will never regret it.

Meet Zainab - Usher

“Dear, My name is Zainab. As an usher, I thoroughly enjoyed my service. Assisting attendees, guiding them to their seats, and ensuring a smooth flow of events brought me immense joy. The sense of camaraderie among the ushering team added to the overall positive atmosphere of the conference. I wholeheartedly assure you that participating in events like the Glory Conference is not just a service but an enriching experience. The impact it had on me, both spiritually and personally, was profound. If you decide to join and contribute, I am confident that you will not regret it. DONT MISS OUT!”

Meet Ebere and Excel

“We are pastors Ebere and Excel Okogwu (from Glory Tabernacle International Church, Stockholm, Sweden). It was a great experience for us to participate in the UK Glory Conference 2023 and to serve with the Prayer Squad. Being in TGC for the first time, we were inspired and encouraged to serve in prayer with people from other nations. More so, we watched and learned how the prayer team for such a conference was organized so we could apply it in our ministry. The whole conference was impactful for us, as we saw noticeable positive shifts in our lives, family, and ministry after the conference. We are grateful to God for the opportunity to attend TGC 2023, and we pray to God for such grace to attend TGC 2024.

For those considering attending or volunteering in any service group for TGC 2024, especially those from outside the UK, we attest that it is a rewarding venture. Being in the atmosphere alone is an impartation on its own. Thank you for the opportunity.”

Meet Rebeca

“It was a great experience all through TGC. I belong to the medical team and am part of the prayer team as well. I can’t wait for another amazing encounter at this year’s TGC 2024″

Meet Sithembile

“I volunteered in the ushering department for the glory conference 2023 in Leeds. I travelled from London and booked in at a hotel for the duration of the encounter. I found the experience such a spiritual refreshment and the team was so welcoming and made it such a joy to serve which brought the scripture – Psalm 133 :1- how pleasant it is when brothers live in unity” to life. I never wanted it to come to an end as every session brought a wealth of knowledge and revelation. I will be coming for the 2024 conference by God’s grace and absolutely look forward to serving with the ushering team again.
If anyone is contemplating on volunteering in any department, think no more, jump in and serve for the glory of the Lord. No other place to be than the presence of the Lord

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11th - 12th April, 2024

OVO Arena Wembley, London, HA9 0AA